The Partnerships With Our Clients

We constantly offer assistance to and strive to understand the business of our clients to ensure we are maximising their credit potential. Each client has access to our management team to discuss their needs for a full range of accounts receivable services.

Our business is about relationships and partnerships as an extension of our clients’ business. Recoup prides itself on its direct, honest and personal approach to providing expert advice and service at the highest possible standards.

We provide expert advice to improve the performance of the internal processes of our clients. Our credit consultation advice is an added-value service representing the kind of open communication that is expected between business partners.

We are responsive to our client needs and action requests immediately. We pursue accounts according to specific client instructions and in conjunction with their organisational internal processes. 

We conduct business in the name of the client when requested. Our approach to accounts varies from “soft” to “assertive” depending on the client’s specification or the merits of each individual debt. 

Our negotiation techniques effectively increase recovery rates. Through professional negotiation, delinquent accounts can again become good customers for clients and sources of business referral.

Recoup considers the success of our clients as a measure of our success. We judge ourselves not only by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, but also by the willingness of clients to refer our services to others.